The Pontifical Missionary Societies support the development of the Church and consequently a great many people in the 1,100 poorest dioceses of the world. Missio provides help for pastoral and social projects such as the construction of churches, health centres and community centres as well as numerous educational initiatives. In every case the focus is on the spiritual and physical needs of the people. For Missio, projects that support the growth of the Church in the countries of the South are particularly important. At the same time the beneficiaries should be given aid to start new projects which enable them to help themselves.

Projects submitted to us for support should provide testimony of the way God is at work in our lives and how we can work together to continue establishing the Church and proclaiming the Gospel.

IMPORTANT: Please carefully read our guide “Completion of the ONLINE Form” and the “Conditions for Granting Financial Aid” (PDF).


Project Application

Enter your contact details in the online project application form below and provide a short description of the planned project from the perspective of our core mission (see chapter 1, Foreword, Conditions for Allocation of Funds). Because of the large number of applications we receive every day, a selection must be made of the most appropriate projects. To increase the chances of your project’s selection the following points should be considered:

  1. Help us to understand your objectives by writing a persuasive summary of the project.
  2. Under the item “Spiritual Dimension” explain how your project can provide testimony of the way God works.
  3. Indicate the type of project you intend to carry out (see list of alternatives. If you choose OTHER explain this in the summary as well).

NOTE: If any of the answers to the individual points are deficient, your project application will not be considered.

After submitting the completed online project application form you will automatically be sent a reference number. Please quote this number in any correspondence relating to your application.

If your project is selected for further consideration, you will be asked to submit a full project application on Missio’s application form which will be emailed to you.